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new house walk-through

September 13, 2018

Just kidding, this is nothing like our house… yet. This is in our community though and our lucky neighbors in this row have already moved in and are settled, while we are still waiting for our future home to finish up. We still have a couple of months left until completion, so we are anxiously awaiting for the day we get to settle in ourselves. In the meantime, it’s been fun shopping for home things because that’s really the fun part of adulting, isn’t it?

This is the current state of our home as of a month ago. You’re looking at the side of it where the garage will be and the front door is on the other side of this building, on the left. It’s missing a few things, but I’m just as excited for this stage. I’m so eager to later compare photos of the before and after.

Our front door is there behind all of the scaffolding. It will face the courtyard which I think will be so lovely.

The garage:

The view of the living room area from the kitchen:

The view of the kitchen from the living room area:

The dining area, which is right next to the living room area:

Stairs leading up to our bedrooms:

Our future double vanity aka the unsure pipes:

Future shower in the master bathroom:

Our bedroom:

Feeling incredibly humble and grateful we get to experience this whole process and cannot wait to make memories within those future walls.