tubby todd

Choosing the right body care items for babies can be such a feat. There are so many brands to sort through and you’ll receive approximately three hundred recommendations from everyone. For us personally, I was on the search for something natural, smelled good and actually worked for their child. (I know, that’s just about every parent’s requirements.) Luckily, we found Tubby Todd that crossed off everything on our list.

We’ve been lucky with H and he hasn’t had any major skin issues or sensitivities to things. He has had a handful of diaper rashes though and any parent that has dealt with this, knows how awful they can get. It’s in those moments where you expect the products you have on hand to work and work fast. This is when a product like Tubby Todd’s All Over Ointment has been amazing for us because overnight things just disappear. Also, a little bit goes a loooong way as evident by our first tub lasting us for what felt like a year.

This time, I’ve teamed up with Tubby Todd and they’ve graciously sent H a box of The Regulars, which includes a bottle of their hair and body wash, everyday lotion (both in lavender and rosemary scent), and of course, the all over ointment which is fragrant-free. After a few bath nights, we’re officially Tubby Todd fans for life.