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baby must have: dockatot

OKAY. I know how terrible I’ve been about updating but you guys, colic is REAL and it’s such a drag sometimes. Finally getting back into the swing of editing, writing and updating, so I’m bringing out a series on our FAVORITE baby items that have gotten us through the newborn stage. We’re still in the thick of it, but we’re starting to see the light… I hope.

First up on our must-have list is the DockATot. For sleep or play, this thing has been with Harlen since day 1. It’s a breathable and lightweight bed that creates a snug environment for babies, and now that little man is starting to have a much stronger neck, we’ve started using it during tummy time as well. Seriously, it feels like a cloud and comes with some fun cover options as well.

One of the things we quickly learned with babies is that consistency is key, so when we were able to get our hands on a DAT, we knew it was going to be the bed he uses for night and naps. Since it’s so easy to carry around, we’ve been able to bring it to different places and homes and it’s still the same bed for him each and every time. While we don’t co-sleep, the DockATot is also a great addition to co-sleeping babes and their parents.

It’s crazy to look back at these shots because he was SO LITTLE then and the DockATot seemed overwhelming in size compared to him. I know he’s going to outgrow it in no time. Luckily, the DockATot comes in a grand size as well. 😉