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redwoods maternity

I consider myself incredibly lucky to know so many creative people, let alone ones I get to call friends. I first “met” Jiyeon (one half of the amazing photography duo The Allens Photography) off of Instagram from location tag at a local boba place. I’m not even kidding. We got to know each other and eventually met up with hubbies in tow for dinner and have been connecting ever since.

Fast forward to last April on Earth Day, when we meet up once more at Redwood Regional Park in Oakland for a maternity shoot. It was our first time at this park and we were absolutely floored by how incredible the trees were. Up in the hills of Oakland is this incredible place filled with redwoods that you can walk right up to and admireā€”literally just a few feet from the parking lot.

Jiyeon, you are incredible. Local Bay Area friends and friends everywhere (they love to travel), please hit up The Allens Photography to create some magic. You seriously will not be disappointed.