the broad

Being away from OC/LA, I’ve had to miss out on some really cool spots that have opened since moving to the Bay Area. Lucky for me, going home is only a 1-hour flight and I’m still able to catch up with friends, family and squeeze in some quality OC/LA exploring time. This last trip, the exploration lead to a trip to The Broad, the new (to me) contemporary art museum located in Downtown Los Angeles.

The incredible modern facade is home to some of the most unique art pieces and installations in the West Coast. Out of all of them, I was most excited for the Jeff Koons stainless steel pieces and the Infinity Mirrored Room. Both have swept my Instagram feed in recent months and had me lusting over a visit to see them in person for myself. Trust me, they didn’t disappoint. Just check out my favorites below! I didn’t have my camera that day, so I captured everything with my iPhone and edited everything on Priime.

General admission to the Broad are free (crazy, right?) but reservations are necessary and are fully booked up for the month of September. Tickets for October are now available for advanced reservation if you click here

The Broad Museum / 221 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012