diy instagram matchbook photo album

Throwing this one back to my DIY crafting days! I created this DIY Matchbook Photo Album for a company I used to freelance a few years back and it became one of my most pinned and reshared DIYs. I wanted to carry it over to this blog so that I wouldn’t lose it and forget all of the things I’ve done. I wish I had more time to do crafts like I used to!

List of supplies and instructions are below:


  • 4×4 Instagram prints (PostalPix, Artifact Uprising & Parabo all do square prints)
  • 12×12 sheet of corrugated cardboard paper (or any other kind of the cover)
  • Cardstock paper (amount depends on how many pages you’d like to make)
  • 2 small brads
  • Twine
  • Photo corners
  • Ruler
  • X-Acto knife
  • Bone folder (optional)



  • Since this album is for 4×4 prints, trim the cardboard paper it down to be 12″ x 5″. You are able to make 2 covers with 1 piece of 12×12 cardboard paper.
  • Use the bone folder (or something to indent the paper so it’s easier to fold) to fold it at the 5″ mark and again at the 10″ mark.
  • This makes it that “matchbook” look with the 2″ flap that will eventually fold over.
  • You will have an extra cardboard paper which you can cut into a circle (or use a 1″ paper puncher) to use for the rings outside of the album. Save this to the side for later use.
  • Trim down the inside pages (white cardstock used here) to be 10″ x 5″.
  • Use the bone folder again to mark the middle of the paper to make them 5″ x 5″ pages. Make as many pages as you’d like or as many as you can fit.
  • Once ready to bind together, line up the inside pages with the cardboard paper
  • Use a needle or something sharp to make 2 holes in the center of inside pages and the cardboard paper.
  • Take the twine (whatever you have on hand) to tie it all together (see photo #3).
  • Making this project with kids? Skip the previous step and just staple it down!
  • Use the brad to adhere the circles in the front of the flap and towards the center of the cover.
  • Attach twine to open and close the flap.
  • Use photo corners and place each 4×4 PostalPix print to each page and decorate it any way you’d like. You can easily replace any material out with whatever you have on hand.