My 31st birthday came so quickly this year and with us in full-on baby mode, we just sort of neglected planning anything in advance. I was perfectly content with just laying low and grabbing a nice dinner somewhere over the weekend. Lucky for us, Airbnb launched something new called Airbnb Experiences and reached out to me a week prior about joining them on one of their experiences. I admittedly knew nothing about this launch, so I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of fun things there were to do in and around the city through Airbnb. The one that stuck out to me immediately was a full day spent learning about (and eating) pasta called "Perfect Pasta" with host Dario from Baia Pasta. Yes, please!

The day started off by meeting our intimate group of 8 by the info booth at the CUESA Ferry Building Farmers' Market. Our host Dario, the owner and mastermind behind Baia Pasta, is insanely passionate about what he does and it's inspiring to hear him talk about pasta. We all introduced ourselves and walked over to get coffee at Highwire Coffee while we watched the complimentary cooking demo. I must've walked by these demos a dozen times before, but it was great to sit down and enjoy it for the first time with an amazing cup of latte.

We spent the remainder of our time at the farmers' market picking out things to snack on before lunch and ingredients for our lunch that Dario was going to prepare for us. He showed us his favorite vendors who were also all friends of his from his time spent selling his pasta at the farmers' market. We got to snack on plenty of delicious things as well and I immediately regretted not bringing any cash along to pick up things for myself. Once we were done, we packed up everything and headed on the ferry to make our way over to Baia Pasta at Jack London Square in Oakland. It was a gorgeous and warm day for my first ferry trip ever across the Bay—seriously!

At Baia, we really got a in-depth crash course into pasta making and the history (and future) of Baia Pasta. Dario ended up cooking up a pasta dish with sausage and spring garlic purchased from the farmers' market. It was the simplest dish and insanely delicious. No joke, we made the dish TWICE this week already since meeting Dario. I think we've become pasta snobs and that's actually quite alright with me.

A huge thank you to Airbnb and Dario at Baia Pasta for such an amazing experience!